Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Post of the Year

Alright ladies and gentlemen, voting in the Post of the Year sweepstakes is officially underway.

If you haven't been following along over the past week (and don't try to tell me you have, because I check the page view stats semi-religiously, and the numbers have been anemic), the bloggers have each chosen a favourite post of one of their colleagues to enter the running for Post of the Year.

If you wanna check out the write-ups, you can find them right below this post. Who knows, maybe one of them will be in the running for next year's Post of the Year.

Anyways, despite a few hiccups (I'm looking at you, CC, for somehow managing to choose two posts – obviously a thinly veiled ploy to try to derail my campaign), the nomination process has completed.

The finalists are (drum roll, please)...

by CC

by Dusty Daley

by Yeamax

by kcerwd

by Henry Thorough

It's now time for you to stop whatever it is you're doing and read the five chosen entries at least three times over (but preferably five). Scrutinize them. Pick them apart. Pull out that fine-tooth comb you've been dying to find a use for and give 'em a thorough combing.

If you do nothing else, at least pick one and vote in the poll, found on the right side of your screen. You've got exactly seven days to crown a champ. Starting...NOW!

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