Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dusty Daley's Post of the Year

Hi all, Thorough here.

I’d first like to say, happy birthday to blog. Where would I be without the constant banter of the boiz and the continual comfort of blog to keep me safe and sane during the past year? I know the answer. Dead as the ex-wife. Maybe, even more dead than that, and that’s reallllllly dead.

We all know the game plan here. Pick a post. Write about it. Nominate it to our faithful and beautiful readers.

So, as luck would have it, I drew Dusty. I’d like to mention right off the bat that this is a tough one. This is a lot of responsibility to nominate one of Dusty’s posts. He’s has great banter and his posts are top notch.
Some of you would think this would be an easy task. No sir, it is not. Oh, let’s take the easy way out and just pick the infamous “The Five Degrees of Dale” and call it a day. Some of you hold the “Sundays With Morley” post close to your hearts, why not end it there? “The Boiz Within”? That’s a hell of a post! What about the witty “Evolution of a Nickname”? All of the aforementioned post are fantastic reads and it’s a tough decision... Sure, I could easily nominate any one of these posts and be done with it. But no, posts of this stature deserve attention and careful deliberation.

When I was first asked by the Iron Fist to nominate one of Dusty’s posts, I thought, hell, this would be worse than trying to pick saving one of the ex-wives’ corpses from a house fire. (I really like holding on to the corpses so I can, uhhhh, look at them.) That’s the level of difficulty that pertains to this task. Thanks Iron Fist, thanks. I feel all of Dusty’s posts are pertinent, witty, intelligent, and heartfelt. Although, I feel that one stands high amongst the rest.  Without further ado, let’s take a stumble together and get deeper look into Dusty’s Banter Vault so you can all understand my decision.
Alf doin' his thang baby!

Here we go - “Sundays with Morley” might be the best story told in the history of blog (with competition from Purel..ol). This post has everything. It makes you cry, and it makes you lolz. What else does a latch need? It tells of a situation where you never want to find yourself, bleeding on a dance floor with touches abound. Daley suffers a miserable fate in this post, yet he handles it with style and grace. A latch can learn heaps from this post, mostly how to have a hilarious banter session with an ambulance man. Daley has complete control over the story-telling in this one folks and he invites the readers of Latch Out Loud to learn from his experience and have many hearty lolz along the way. This is a great post and should definitely be considered as one of Daley’s best.  Have a look for yourself: http://latchoutloud.blogspot.ca/2011/09/sundays-with-morley.html

In the same story-telling stream, “Evolution of a Nickname”, brings a hilarious tale to the blog’s catalogue of banter. It’s a bloody masterpiece (just like Sundays With Morley, get it?). Dusty allows the reader to visit his personal back-story, how the “Dale” was formed. And he takes this personal tale and transforms it to encompass a broader theme of nicknames. He hits on the social significance of the nickname, he muses that there is more to a nickname than just lolz, that a nickname is a true portrait of the individual it describes. The topic of the post, genius.  The execution, flawless. Synchronization, 10/10. To leave this off a list for best posts of the year would be a travesty... but hey! I can’t nominate them all! This is a blog post in its finest form. Check it out here: http://latchoutloud.blogspot.ca/2011/09/evolution-of-nickname.html

R2Pimp2 doin' his thang baby!

Now let’s talk about “Five Degrees of Dale”. This post is already one of the most popular blog posts on the entire internet, not just Latch Out Loud. This post lets the reader into the full world of David, Dave, Dale, Daley, and (my favourite) Dusty Daley. The way this post is formatted is sheer perfection. I had the pleasure of meeting all 5 degrees of Dale before the post was written, so I knew the basic guidelines of each persona. But this leaves me a bit envious of the reader that might not know each persona, or maybe, doesn’t know Dale whatsoever. I would love for this post to be my introduction to one of the powerhouse lollerbloggers here at Latch Out Loud. If this post was a homerun, it woulda been hit out of this world and would've knocked Curiosity off of its trajectory for Mars. This post is unequivocally a staple to the blog, a benchmark for all other posts, and represents the quality and craftsmanship that we have come to expect from blog. Check it out here folks: http://latchoutloud.blogspot.ca/2012/01/five-degrees-of-dale.html

"Five Degrees of Dale" must surely be my selection for Daley’s post of the year. Or wait. Am I missing something??
Let’s take a look into a certain day in February. The 2nd to be exact. There was a post that was published. A unique post. One that is, without question, my favorite post of all time. It’s straightforward, it’s exact, it’s concise. It says all the blog needs to say. It lets you read between the lines, it lets you feel the love, it lets you into the world of lolz that the Latch Out Loud boiz bring, day in, day out. Being part of the boiz is what we were meant to be, and this post celebrates that fact. Not with balloons, streamers, or fireworks, but, rather, with two words in simple prose. This post conveys a message deeper than the ex-wives graves. That’s deeeep. Realllllyy deep. Daley is able to communicate a world of meaning with just two words, something I’ve been unable to do with 5,000.
So without further ado, my nomination for Daley’s post of the year is the following:

Posted by Dusty Daley

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Nah I’m just joking!!! LOLZ. My nomination is “The Five Degrees of Dale” – that post fucking rocks!!

This guy doin' his thang baby!

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