Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome To The Bloggerdome

So this is my super-official plunge into the self-absorbed world of blogging. At least one person urged me to do it, and I figured that was enough of an endorsement to get me going. I’ve now licensed myself to pour hours of potentially-productive time into the pit of wasted human existence that is blogging. I’d love if you’d support this endeavour. Invite your kith and kin to read it. Invite your enemies. Invite those hundreds of Facebook friends you never talk to. Invite strangers on the street. Invite co-workers, professors, unrequited loves, Nigerian princes, and baristas. Invite interlopers – I’ll make them feel right at home. If nothing else, at least read the blog yourself. Please. Ok, you’d like to know a bit about this thing before you dive right in? I understand that…

Although ostensibly a platform to inform the masses on what I ate for dinner; wax incoherently on geopolitical issues; obnoxiously defend Lady Gaga; and shamelessly exploit the thesaurus to create the illusion that I am a learned, erudite individual (see, I just did it right there), this web log will likely assume a completely unrelated form. I may have started the blog, but it's really just a collection of authors who will write about whatever they please. They will also write whenever they please. Anything goes, as it were. You can expect to read about music. You can expect to laugh. You can expect to read semi-serious commentary on current affairs. You might hear a little about sports. You'll probably run into some made up words. You can expect to laugh... again. There may be some pictures. Some of the authors might get edgy. Above all, I guarantee it will be exclusive...likely because nobody will read it.

There will be a few ground rules:
1. No name dropping.
2. No political endorsements.
3. No spamming.
4. No posting (or rolling) on the Sabbath.
5. No obscure movie references.
6. No hip-hop references.
7. No girls.
8. No shirt, no shoes... no LOLs.
9. No ground rules.

Let's do this...

1 comment:

  1. LOL says the girl who likes a lil hip hop and 10 things I hate about you. It's Sunday somewhere in the world.

    Miss you Yam.