Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waverley and MacDonald, The First 48 Hours

Tuesday January 11th, 2011

11:14 PM - The first 48 hours have came and went and just as I'm getting to know this latchelor pad a little better, it too is getting to know me. I've finally come to believe the constant gurgling sounds are actually the fridge and not a dying cyborg, as I originally had thought. In turn, the bed, despite being the center piece of the latchelor pad, has probably guessed that it will not be made before I leave for work tomorrow, just as it has not been made the previous two mornings. Day by day, hour by hour, chez Winters becomes more like home.

The most trying part of living in a new apartment is getting used to the subtleties. As previously mentioned, the dying cyborg in CC's closet, errrrrrr his refrigerator, is a completely new noise to get used to. Especially when trying to get some shut eye, "the gurgle", as I have not so affectionately coined it, has proven to be a little trying. The pressure washer the landlord installed in place of the shower, seemingly ideal to most, is very different than the weak steam we've gotten accustomed to on Cooper Street. Although not ideal, we've gotten used to that weak stream and in doing so, have started to like it. By the time hour 168 approaches I'm sure I will begin to loathe going back to the weak stream, but I'll be happy to get away from the cyborg.

Living alone is different. I'd done it once before and hated it. This time around I enter with a more open mind but am still struggling to find things to do with my alone time. I find myself sleeping more than usual. I also find myself craving a glass of scotch. Not sure I have ever had a glass of scotch. Both of these things are uncharacteristic of me and I wonder how I came to feel this way? Are they simply the options that have become available to me with the change of apartment? Is there more to it than that? These things will no doubt become more clear as the week lingers on, but for now I wonder...

I also spend time wondering how my old roommate is doing in the latchelor he was afforded for the week. I'm sure he is enjoying some quiet time to read and be alone with his thoughts. I also imagine he has spent some time getting to know the guitars that call his latchelor apartment home. These are the certainties but I have also begun to cook up a few questions. Is he making nice with the crazy cat lady? What hidden treasures lie in Yeamax's closet that may be causing Henry Thorough grief at night? Is the crazy cat lady jammed in Yeamax's closet alongside his feelings and possibly his sexual preference? All these answers and more to be revealed when things get back to normal next week. For now, I'm just left to wonder...

I'll be back soon.


  1. #AS2012 appears to be taking a dark turn.

  2. just feed him and he'll leave you alone! he likes kalhua too.