Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Apartment Swap Journal, Waverley and MacDonald

Editor's note: CC, kcerwd, Henry Thorough, and Yeamax have just begun Apartment Swap 2012. CC and Yeamax have given up their bachelor apartments to kcerwd and Henry Thorough, respectively. kcerwd and Henry Thorough have vacated their two bedroom abode to make way for CC and Yeamax. Stay tuned to Latch Out Loud for all the juicy details.

Without further ado...

First night

4:43 AM - I awake. It's cold. But what was I expecting when I checked into Chez Winters? I turn to check my phone/alarm clock and it's off. I press the power button to no avail.

I begin to wonder what has happened. Has the apartment swap disturbed the natural order of things? Have the boys ruptured the ever so delicate equilibrium of our fragile universe and in doing so, crippled society to the point that the technologies we so heavily rely on can no longer function?

Truth is, my friend's dog tried to bury my phone in the snow New Years day, that's probably why it won't turn on.

A few hours later I awake to the ominous buzzing of onlineclock.net. I eat the eggs left behind by my gracious host.

Shampoo quantity low. Water pressure very high.

Lifesavers should take care of any lingering morning breath.

I arrive at work early for the first time in 2012.

To be continued...


  1. Will #AS2012 be televised?

  2. the revolution will not be televised

  3. Odd, I didn't fall asleep til 4:43am! Some weird noises around here, pretty sure someone was trying to steal the boizz tv, but it's still there?

  4. Wait till the boys at Cooper meet the lad from the first floor #getreadytochat #mightsleepover