Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Christmas Letdown?

Christmas is a time of year that many look forward to. Some begin the Christmas countdown months in advance and are not shy to put up their tree well before the first thought of snow. Christmas is a time to enjoy family and friends, have a few cocktails while enjoying one another's company. What also comes with this is time of year is the kind act of exchanging and receiving Christmas gifts. Many love being showered in wonderful gifts from friends and family members because well…. who doesn’t like ripping open that wrapping paper to see a gift they have always wanted, or had specifically asked Santa to bring? Well, one person doesn’t, and that person is me. Now some of you might be thinking... Is this guy for real? Does he have a heart? Do we have a real modern day Scrooge on our hands?

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas. I like the whole family get-together thing, Christmas parties (minus work parties and the overplayed “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” that stopped being funny in 2007) and the giving of Christmas gifts. The one thing I do not enjoy about Christmas is opening gifts. For the past few years I have set the bar relatively low as to what I was hoping to receive in order to avoid the whole feeling of being letdown. The past two Christmases most notably I have been on the receiving end of gifts that did not only fail to meet the bar that I had set, they actually didn’t even come close. I understand completely that yes, it is the thought that counts, however how much thought did a person put into a gift that was 3 sizes larger than your actual size and did not come with a tag or receipt for any chance of a return? Or that sweater from last year with flames and an embroidered dragon on it (Oh Christmas 2010, one to remember...)?

This all being said, I have decided to take a new approach for Christmas 2011; having zero expectations and not setting any kind of bar because there is nothing that will surprise me anymore. In fact I don’t even want to open a single Christmas present this year, avoiding the standard Christmas Letdown.

(Important fact to note, the two gifts mentioned above were from the same person two years in a row. I have polled around on potential gifts for this Christmas: the top two answers: 1) Previously viewed Season 1 of the Sopranos and the Nutty Professor, and 2) Nothing).

Merry Christmas


  1. Solid first effort kid. A real eye opener...So much for the hamilton ty cats golf umbrella I was going to get you...


  2. All I want for Christmas is a Punch-intheface-Bowl with the boiz.