Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The First 28 Minutes.

The time is 10:35AM on September, 14th, 2011. I wake up.

The first realization is that I am in my bed. The second – I am alone. So much for my efforts with Kate last night. OK. I am wearing the same shirt I had on last night and in a terrifically sad effort to ready myself for bed, my pants are around my ankles.

I always have two glasses of water beside my bed for when I wake up, sober or drunk, I fill them. I reach over for the water. They are empty. Shit.

“Why didn’t I fill my water when I got home..? I always fill my water... Did I get drunk last night? What happened yesterday...? Why are clothes still...? Uh oh.”

The mornings first real moment of clarity – I blacked out last night.

The time is 10:43AM on September, 14th, 2011. Time to think fast, Skeet.

I roll over to my other side and grab my cell phone. At least it is in its usual spot. First order of business, text history. The last text received is from a friend by the name of Alison, it reads, “Where did you go?”. I didn’t reply. Shortly after there is a text to friend by them name of Chris, it reads, “Call me ASAP.” The only other message, in or out, after that was sent two hours later to a third friend. It reads, “Banks”. OK, not much can be gleaned from that. The call history provides me with even less information seeing as how at some point during the evening I accidently deleted the history and all I’m left with is one, late night, one minute phone call to a particular ex that I cannot imagine calling. Whoops. So I send out a series of messages to friends baiting them into telling me what happened.

The time is 11:03AM on September, 14th, 2011. I feel full of shame, assuming the worst.

I reach over to my laptop. There is a quarter stuck to my hip, I remove it. I open my laptop and begin to blog.

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