Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Agency

Things are really heating up. Literally. The weather in the nation’s capital has been ridiculous. Things are really heating up. Figuratively.  Not unlike the Steve Nash’s and Zach Parise’s of the world the boizzz will face an interesting decision in the coming months. Where are the boizzz going to sign (live) come the fall? Time is ticking as at least 3 of the 5 major contributors to this blog have given their required 60 days notice to their respective/shitty property management companies, the very same respective/shitty property management companies that monthly steal a few thousand dollars from the boizzz bank accounts for very little in return. One boi is already living month to month and one boi seems to be locked into a long term deal, (but is always welcome at Cooper if that doesn’t pan out, well....until September rolls around anyways).

With this difficult decision hanging over the boizz heads more steadily than the dead ex wives hanging from the ceiling in Ritwinski’s barn, a cross roads is certainly ahead. It seems as though the boizzz may be headed to different cities, countries and perhaps even different continents. What does the future hold for the boizzz I wonder to myself? Does September mean the end of banter? Does the end of banter mean the end of bacon? I’d really like to keep eating bacon regardless of whether or not Henry Thorough goes to Korea to teach English.

Although I’m fairly certain the boizz will handle their respective decisions with the grace and tact we’ve come to expect from this group of outstanding twenty something’s, I can’t help feel a mix of excitement and sadness when thinking about what lies ahead. It hasn’t even been a year since the blog began yet nearly 2 months since the last post. The boizz have been busy. Moving onto bigger and better things?  I hope not but perhaps we have. I don’t know how to wrap this post up but I want to post this video. Let’s not let it come to this boizzz...

I'd also like to take this opportunity to post the hilarious reasons my roommate provided to multi-res management for us moving out...enjoy! 

We have multiple reasons for moving out.

1.     We are moving to a different city.
2.     We have very little natural sunlight in the apartment which makes for a depressing hangover
3.     Our shower faucet never stops leaking and it drives us insane during sleepless nights
4.     Walking to the top floor makes my back sore and transforms my state of mind from happy to violently grumpy
5.     The neighbors don’t like Van Morrison’s classic 1970 album Moondance
6.     The bathroom is directly off of the kitchen (and the door doesn’t close properly)
7.     An awkwardly long entrance hallway scares most ladies
8.     Onwards and upwards, never backwards
9.     The apartment is strangely situated
10.  The wobbly table met its demise and we are sad

Thank you.

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